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We believe in a rigorous public education system open to all.

We believe that high-quality health care is the right of all Americans.

We believe that the right to vote must be encouraged and protected.

We believe that voting districts at all levels of government should be drawn fairly, not to protect the interests of one party over another.

We believe workers should be paid a living wage and their right to unionize should not be abridged.

We believe in the rule of law and that all those who break the law must be held to account, regardless of wealth or status.

We believe that public safety goes hand-in-hand with reduced gun violence and that safe communities depend on a strong bond between police and citizens.

We believe in a woman's right to control her own reproductive freedom, without intrusion by the State.

We believe in a strong commitment to a military able to meet the country's adversaries.

We believe that the long-term health, safety, and well-being of our veterans should be protected.

We believe the United States must always honor its debts and be a model of fiscal stability to the world.

We believe all people, regardless of race, religion, age, ethnic origin, or sexual identification, deserve the full legal protection of the State.
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