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Results from the Survey on Issues for
Democratic-Leaning Voters in 2024

Last fall, the DCDP reached out to Democratic leaning voters to help our local and state Democrats running for office in 2024 determine the issues on their minds and what they would like to see them accomplish in office.

The results are recorded below. It is our hope to make Dorchester County more competitive politically and to end the super-majority enjoyed by Republicans.

Local County Issues

  1. Support for public schools versus alternatives, such as charter, religious, and private schools

  2. Population growth and the additional housing that comes with it

  3. The challenge of attracting more industry to the county to help offset property, sales, and other personal taxes (TIE)

  4. The presence of crime (TIE)


State Issues

  1. The condition of state highways

  2. The level of state taxation

  3. A woman’s right to make her own reproductive health choices

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