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So many Republican outrages

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Clean Water Act:

What are Nancy Mace, Tim Scott, and Lindsey Graham going to do to protect the wetlands in South Carolina now that "their" Supreme Court has gutted the Clean Water Act in the Sackett decision this week? They talk about a good environmental game, sort of. But now they must act. Democrats are watching.

S474 in the Assembly:

Three of the four Republican Assemblymen who represents Dorchester County voted in favor of the draconian S474, the so-called "fetal heartbeat" abortion ban that provides few exceptions. They are Gil Gatch (District 94); Robby Robbins (District 97); and Gary Brewer (District 114).

The fourth member of this group, who has shown no regard for the rights of women or the views of the majority in this state, is Chris Murphy (District 98). Murphy was absent and didn't vote, but he stated later that he would have voted with the Four Horsemen of Dorchester County. Next election, vote this quartet out.

S474 in the SC Senate:

In November 2024, don't forget that State Senator Sean Bennett from District 38 voted in favor of the draconian S474, the fetal heartbeat anti-abortion bill that provides few exceptions. Just as important, Bennett also voted against a last-ditch compromise amendment to that bill supported by a number of Senate Democrats. That amendment, submitted by Republican Shealy, narrowly failed 25-21. Other Republicans supported it. Bennett, disgracefully, did not. To change women's rights in South Carolina, Bennett must be defeated.


Did you know that 60 percent of more than 1000 complaints filed against books in school libraries across the country come from just 11 "super filers," organized by the insidious group Moms for Liberty?

That was reported on May 24 by The Washington Post. The complaints are aimed principally at LGBTQ books, and those treating racial, sexual, and gender topics.

Moms for Liberty has a foothold in South Carolina. Keep an eye on founder Jennifer Pippin in Florida at (772-202-2658). Let them know they are in a fight with us to protect the right to read.

David M. Rubin

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