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Yep, Mace Actually Did It!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

She did it. Mace was one of 71 Republicans who voted NO on the debt ceiling bill on the evening of May 31. (It passed easily without her vote, 314-117.)

She explained this bizarre and damaging vote by claiming that a majority of Americans expected Congress to cut spending. She provided no source for this statement. It is just as likely that a majority of Americans would like Congress to do its job and not default on the nation's debt. That escapes her.

She claimed there is no debt ceiling at all. That is absurd. All spending bills originate in the House, her chamber. It has always been the case that Congress can discipline itself and cut spending. It can impose its own ceiling. But her chamber hasn't done it. So she is complaining that no one is rescuing the House from its own spending habits.

Her only solution was to vote against paying the bills SHE had already approved in past votes. In short, she is a deadbeat or would make the U.S. a deadbeat.

So now she is presumably on the outs with the Speaker. She failed to stop the bill. But she did get a lot of media attention, which for her is always the point.

David M. Rubin

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