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Michael B. Moore speaks to DCDP Members about his run for Congress

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Michael Boulware Moore, a prominent Charleston businessman who helped to shepherd the International African American Museum to completion, met with Dorchester Democrats on June 8 to outline his campaign to win the nomination for the First District seat in the House, now occupied by Nancy Mace.

Moore's ancestors were brought enslaved to South Carolina in the 1780s. His Great Great Grandfather--Robert Smalls of Beaufort-- is among the most celebrated South Carolinians for his exploits during the Civil War and then for serving in both the South Carolina Legislature and the U.S. Congress. Smalls was an author of the Reconstruction Constitution for South Carolina that provided voting rights for the newly freed Americans.

Moore is a first-time political candidate. He said he has chosen to enter politics because of the many problems we are leaving to our children, including his own four sons (ages 25, 23, 21, and 16). He has been in business his entire professional life, most notably as CEO of Glory Foods, a national provider of seasoned Southern-style vegetables. (Its billboards are ubiquitous on the drive North on Route 95.)

Moore promised that his campaign would have a presence in every county in the district; raise more money than any other candidate; activate the African American vote; and create a vigorous field organization.

Moore said he would focus on "kitchen table" issues. He emphasized providing affordable health care so that millions are not struggling under medical debt. He will work for a more inclusive economy so that Americans have access to jobs that support a family and lead to "a retirement with dignity." He supports a high-quality public education and a woman's right to make her own reproductive health care decisions.

Moore is opposed to the sale of assault-style weapons and asked his audience "why does anyone have to own an AR-15?" He would close gun-show loopholes that permit the unfit to obtain weapons. He attacked the NRA as simply a "business lobby" that wants to sell guns and that uses the Second Amendment to do it.

On tax policy, he noted that the deficit always goes up when Republicans control the White House and down when the Democrats are in charge.

Moore is "by nature an optimist" who will "take the fight to Mace" but do it "in a way to make [his] ancestors proud" of him. "I will not stoop to damaging my own legacy," he said, "or what I will leave to my kids."

He is a graduate of Syracuse University (where he played lacrosse, no small accomplishment), and Duke University, where he earned an MBA. He and his wife, who teaches special education, live in Mt. Pleasant.

His campaign website can be found a

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