• Julio Caceres

It is what it is

Updated: Apr 3

The first rule for a candidate in politics is "Do no harm." Every once in a while a candidate or even an incumbent will say something or do something that in one moment, one sound bite, will do irreparable damage to their own campaign. Think of George H.W. Bush's "Read my lips, no more taxes" and how that came back to haunt him. Think of Rick Perry's gaffe on "three agencies" he would close down if chosen as president...and then not being able to remember the third one. The rule goes for running mates as well...think of Sarah Palin being able to see Russia from her front porch.

Somehow, defying all odds, Donald J Trump has been a walking mortar launcher on his own campaign and yet he continues to inexplicably come back from it all. A couple of things have created this phenomenon. First, he has a sycophant, morally ambiguous, blind and deplorable following that are willing to overlook everything in their blind worship of this reality TV charlatan. Second, he keeps topping his previous blunders with new ones that both distract and desensitize us creating a terrifying new norm. But stop for a moment and think about what he said yesterday. When asked about the 150,000+ Americans who have died in this pandemic his response was that it is a terrible thing but, "it is what it is."

This one phrase, "it is what it is" has most clearly defined the President and the Party of Trump, the Republican Party. Trump's past successes has been aided by the fact that he excels at defining his opponents. The Biden Campaign (and The Lincoln Project) need to pay attention because this truly defines the Trump administration...it is what it is. This attitude can be seen, not only in our President's response, but also in the response of our Senator, Lindsey Graham, as he said, in reference to the unemployment extension, that it would happen "over our dead body." It is what it is. Let me tell you, "what it is."

155,000+ people have died from a pandemic that if this partisan, lazy, ignorant and petulant administration and his Republican cohorts had taken just a brief moment to pause from benefiting their billionaire donors and radical right social / cultural wars that loss of life could have been minimized and the spread could have been brought under control. Look around the world, it can be done...it is science, but it isn't rocket science. But...it is what it is.

Racial justice wars are raging across this country with current hot spots in places like Portland, OR. Our cities have been invaded by armed thugs in military uniform and waging war on American citizens. Meanwhile Donald J Trump, Lindsey Graham and their fellow Republicans stoke the fears and racism in our nation and in our state with careless but pointed dog whistles of hate and racism. But...it is what it is.

30 million Americans are out of work, millions of Americans are losing their extended unemployment benefits and millions of Americans are in danger of being evicted and homeless. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham swears that it will be over his dead body before he helps his constituents and the President is requesting for money for a new FBI building (that happens to be next to his hotel) and $377 million to renovate the West Wing. But...it is what it is.

The Republican Party has committed millions of dollars and called for 50,000 volunteers to watch polls to be sure we have a "secure and honest" election. We know this to be code for the suppression, intimidation, depression and disenfranchisement of voters and, historically, voters who are people of color. The President pounds his message that any result that is not one where he wins would be fraudulent, dishonest and "rigged" all while attacking the mail in ballot process in non Republican states and the postal service. Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the Republican Party have chipped away at every pillar that holds up our democracy: The Judicial System, the free press, the right to vote and the truth that rights are rights...we don't get to vote on them and we shouldn't have to fight for them...they are rights...inalienable and divinely given.

But...it is what it is.

We have to fight back. We need volunteers. We need donations. And above all...we need voters. We need a blue wave so big that there can be no question as to the results...and when the aftershock of November 3rd rocks through this country and through the world, we can all breath a sigh of relief and unanimously say...

It is what it is.

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