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Dorchester County Democratic Party Committees

Ways and Means

This is the fundraising team. They plan events and other "ways and means" of generating revenue for the party in our day-to-day operations. They also do planning for our major fundraising events such as our BBQ and Blues, Oyster Roast, and our Annual Cicenia Dinner.


Public Relations & Communications

The primary focus of this group is the communication of our Party's agenda to the public. This committee is responsible for our communication channels via social media, email, and other means to get the Democratic message across and promote candidates and upcoming events.


Candidate Recruitment

We need people to RUN and this is the team that finds them. People who want to serve and help people and who really want to work hard for the benefit of the community. If you're the type that's great at helping and supporting others to be leaders this is the team.


Social Events

People need to interact and spend time outside of meetings too. This team plans, organizes, and hosts the public events outside of meetings, be it a happy hour, a town hall, or even a dinner.


Voter Outreach

As important as it is to inform others on the candidates and issues at hand ultimately they need to vote, specifically they need to be registered to vote. This team is our outreach arm to ensure everyone who can vote is registered to vote. We've informed the people, we've registered the people, now it's time to get them out there. This team reaches out to remind, inform, and energize the community to go out there and make their voices heard.


Precinct Development

Precincts are sections within the county that has a central voting place. That means depending on where you live you'll be assigned a precinct location with a specific site for voting. We have precinct leadership within these communities that are tied to the party whose goal is to reach out to their local communities and organize them as far as voting and knowing the party agenda. If the party is the trunk of the tree and voters are the leaves, then precincts are the branches that keeps the tree together. This team works on developing this leadership and system throughout the county.


Welcome and Orientation

Getting started in the Democratic Party can be a bit overwhelming if you have never heard the term precinct or executive committee before. Our Welcome and Orientation Committee welcomes new members and gets them plugged into DCDP activities. In addition, they go over all things county party, state party, and national party related.

Outdoor Family Day
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