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Our Committees 

To be active in the party means to participate. There is no time like the present to get involved in the democratic process. We need all persons. No matter who you are, you have the skills we need. Click the link to reach your committee chair. 


Ways and Means

This is the fundraising committee. They plan events and other "ways and means" of generating revenue for the party in our day-to-day operations. Throughout the year, we host such events as our BBQ and Blues night, Oyster Roast, and our Cicenia Dinner.

Public Relations & Communications

Communication is critical. We use every possible channel to speak to the members of the community in the way they want to be communicated.  Our messages are honest, our positions are clear. We appreciate anyone with social media, email, and other communication skills  to get the Democratic messages out to all. 


Candidate Recruitment

Our candidates represent us. They are the  people who make the changes that make our world better.  Members of this committee leverage their networks and organizations to highlight those whose voice and ideals make them good Future Candidates for public service 

Social Events

It's important to know that others share your values. This committee brings together people to interact and spend time away from the business of the party.  This committee plans, organizes, and hosts events that appeal to every segment of our constituents; be it a happy hour, a town hall, or a dinner.


Voter Outreach

As important as it is to inform others on the candidates and issues at hand ultimately they need to vote, specifically they need to be registered to vote. This committee ensures everyone who is eligible to vote is registered to vote. We've informed, we've registered, and we facilitate getting people to the polls and poll watching when it happens. This committee energize the community to make their voices heard.

Precinct Development

Precincts are sections within the county that has a central voting place. That means depending on where you live you'll be assigned a precinct location with a specific site for voting. We have precinct leadership within these communities that are tied to the party whose goal is to reach out to their local communities and organize them as far as voting and knowing the party agenda. If the party is the trunk of the tree and voters are the leaves, then precincts are the branches that keeps the tree together. This Committee works on developing good local leaders. 

Outdoor Family Day

Welcome and Party Orientation

Getting started in the Democratic Party can be a bit overwhelming if you have never heard the term precinct or executive committee before. Our Welcome and Orientation Committee welcomes new members and gets them plugged into DCDP activities. In addition, to county party, state party, and national party related topics

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