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Volunteer Positions

The DCDP thrives on the energy of our volunteers. We are in the fight of our loves for freedom and respect for all beings. We know that everyone has a skill needed to keep Democracy alive.  Every November, everyone's hands and hearts are needed to support our candidates and our voting rights. 

Get out the Vote/ Voter Registrationn

Registering those who have not yet registered is the most patriotic action you can take. Every years new voters come of age and need to be registered to be part of the process. Whether they eventually vote Democrat or something else, the GOTV - Get Out The Vote experience is rewarding for all. Spanish speakers are especially welcome. 

Internships - Social media and Event Planning 

Getting involved in politics is always a valuable experience. This is especially important for those who have a small window of time, unique skills in social media, Event Planning or Voter Registrations. If you are passionate about politics and seek short term paid opportunities, the Dorchester County Democrats may be a place you can thrive. 

On Election Day - Ride to the Polls and Poll Watching 

Every election season, there are voters who may not have access to their local precincts. Mail in voting and early voting has made it easier for those less ambulatory to cast thier ballots. However, we still need volunteers to shuttle elderly and disabled voters to the polls

Another critical election day activity is Poll Watching. This is literally standing at the polls, silently watching for irregularities in the voting process along side Republicans watching for the same irregularities. These opportunities are limited to Election Day only but will include statewide training of all Registered poll watchers prior to the big day. Please, poll watcher are critical to assure elections are run fair. 

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