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Young African American woman shouting through megaphones while supporting anti-racism prot

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Our Values 

We are residents of Dorchester County, South Carolina and collectively, as the Dorchester County Democratic Party (DCDP) we believe that every person, no matter who they are or where they are going, deserves the right to free expression, freedom to make decisions on your own body and your own family, freedom to be your better selves. 
South Carolina has suffered for many years with Republican rule. It's now time to work together, supporting the President, and building on the coalitions already forged in every level of government to give back to the people, what they have so routinely contributed.  
We fight for each other. In all of our diversity and complexity, we Build Back Better those truths and morals we lost so many years ago. 

Let’s Work Together to Turn Dorchester Blue!

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